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Composing Music

Music by Gergo Elekes

Welcome to my page

My name is Gergo Elekes, I have been working as a film composer and indie filmmaker since 2005. 

As a composer I had the privilege to work with amazing directors like József Gallai, Sándor Gál or Tofiq Rzayev and score such amazing independent films as Spirits in the DarkThe Poltergeist Diaries starring Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, I Hear the Trees Whispering starring Academy Award nominee Larry Hankin and Daytime Emmy Award winner Bill Oberst Jr. or Project Skyquake starring Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore, Robert LaSardo and horror icon Simon Bamford. 
Besides my filmmaking carreer recently I have been working on my first contemporary album entitled Hope Never Dies.

Music for me is the universal language of our emotions. It does not matter if we can speak the same language until we both feel the same while listening to melodies. Music helped me when nobody did and music lifts me up every day since then. If I can achieve something similar to my audience with my work, I reached my ultimate goal. I hope we can start this journey together with you!



Planet HOPE
Aftermath (feature)
Vulpes (feature)
There Is No Planet B
Project Skyquake
I Hear the Trees Whispering
The Child Eater
The Poltergeist Diaries
Mom and Dad
Spirits in the Dark
Aftermath (short)
Vulpes: Prologue
Night Lights
Long Way Home
In a Time For Sleep
Nihan: The Last Page
The Cleaner
Move On
The Untouchable Man

I have been working with Gergo Elekes for more than ten years now, in nearly two dozen productions of all sizes. In addition to his extraordinary talent in many areas of filmmaking, I am convinced that he is currently one of the ten best composers in his country. His style is recognisable, yet often experimental, creating exciting motifs. I look forward to sharing many more successes with him in the future.

József Gallai



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